Control your home by speaking, accurately. We've all interacted with voice assistants; they are on our phones and in many cars. The typical voice assistant can answer basic commands. What we've been waiting for is the next generation that can truly power a larger residence, and we are happy to announce it's here! With the latest systems, we've seen the future, and we're now talking to it.
This new level of control is beyond a standard voice assistant. You can execute layered commands, like: “OK, Josh:  dim the lights to 25%, listen to 'Walking on the Moon', and set the volume to 75%.” Equipped with powerful far-field microphone arrays, our systems can hear you from across the room, while providing responses through your speakers. You can also schedule commands for the future, like “OK Josh, turn on the pool lights at sunset,” or “OK Josh, turn on the 'Heat' game in 30 minutes.”   

This new technology can be added to your existing systems. Each family member can have a personalized and inclusive control platform. They can freely make multiple requests in a single command, contextually adjust their surroundings, and conveniently search for their favorite media thanks to knowledge of your connected devices. And every interaction remains private thanks to its commitment to keeping user data secure.
You no longer need predetermined, clunky phrases with advanced proprietary language technology. It understands different accents, dialects, and can process millions of variations of commands. The latest systems use machine learning to continuously adapt and evolve over time. The more you interact, the more it becomes tailored to your needs. Just like advanced electric vehicles, your system can receive over-the-air software updates, which include new features and improvements.

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