Not all white light is created equal. Take a look at the apple below. Under one white light source, it’s bursting with color. Rich, crisp, and enticing—you can practically taste it. But under the second white light source… not so much. What’s the difference?

It’s not the correlated color temperature (CCT), which is the same in both images. And it’s not the location of the light source—the fixtures are positioned identically. The difference is something called Vibrancy—a first-of-its-kind feature built in to every Ketra light source.

Vibrancy is only available on Ketra products. Come along as we break down exactly what this innovative ability is, how it works, and how you can use it to make everything in your space, from food to art to furnishings, look its absolute best.

Vibrancy is Ketra’s unique ability to tune only the individual colors that make white light at a given white-correlated color temperature (CCT). In other words, you’re not tuning the color of the light—you’re tuning white light, such that it reflects off of objects in the way that you want. Vibrancy allows designers and occupants to take personalization to a new level. It goes beyond tailoring light for the space—and actually fine-tunes it to reflect brilliantly off of treasured objects, materials, and artwork, showcasing them exactly as their creators intended. Just like cooking with different recipes, methods, and spices, Vibrancy allows us to change the recipe of how white light is created to enhance a space—and the things in it.

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